Episode 24 – Catching Up with Your Co-Hosts

Welcome to Episode 10 Beyond Fear listeners! We realized that it has been a while since we caught you up on the work that we have been doing outside of the podcast. In this episode, we interview each other about the projects that have been keeping us busy. 

Alissa shares her journey of co-founding Ampersands Restorative Justice – an organization dedicated to restoring the world from sexual harm. Among other things, Ampersands facilitates restorative processes for cases of sexual harm and trains other folks to facilitate these cases. Alissa shares what it has been like to see her dream become a reality.

Alexa speaks about a project that is close to her heart as well. In 2020, she and Dr. Nicole Fox found out about the Survivors Memorial located in Minneapolis, MN. It is the first ever memorial dedicated to honoring survivors of sexual harm. Alexa describes what she and Dr. Fox discovered after speaking to the people that were involved in all aspects of making the memorial a reality. She also discusses the next step in their research on the Survivors Memorial which is designed to uncover how it functions in the community as a site of healing, education, prevention, and more. 

We hope you enjoy catching-up with us! Don’t forget that we are planning a final episode dedicated to answering your questions. So, send us questions you have about us, our work, or the topics that we have covered to beyondfearpodcast@gmail.com

Additional Readings and Resources:

Ampersands Restorative Justice
Restorative Justice in Cases of Sexual Harm (2022) by Alexa Sardina & Alissa R. Ackerman published in CUNY Law Review
The Survivors Memorial 
Memorial for Survivors of Sexual Violence Vandalized (May 16, 2022) – KARE 11 News
America’s First Memorial Honoring Survivors of Sexual Violence (2022) by Alexa Sardina & Nicole Fox – Journal of Interpersonal Violence

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