About Your Beyond Fear Co-Hosts

Alissa Ackerman, PhD

Dr. Alissa R. Ackerman is a criminal justice professor and sex crimes expert. For more than 15 years she has studied every aspect of sexual abuse and the criminal justice policies used after it occurs.  Alissa approaches her work as a “survivor scholar”. She uses her professional expertise and her personal experience as a rape survivor to inform all aspects of her work. She is internationally recognized for her contributions to the field and her innovative approach that has helped hundreds of people on their path toward healing. She has published several books and has written extensively on topics related to sexual abuse. 

Alexa Sardina, PhD

Alexa D. Sardina, PhD is an Assistant Professor at California State University Sacramento. Her scholarship focuses sexual violence and restorative justice. Her research includes: sexual violence prevention efforts, females who offend sexually, and the utilization of vicarious restorative justice as a treatment component or possible resolution for acts of sexual violence. Alexa has also written and presented on research that combines her experience as a sex offender expert and rape survivor to encourage the perspective of ‘survivor scholars’. She hopes this will bring a fresh perspective to sex crimes policy, sex offender assessment and treatment, and aid in treatment efforts for survivors and offenders.

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