Episode 18 – Understanding Trafficking: Part 2

Human trafficking is an incredibly complex issue that includes several different important topics we felt should be covered during our second season. Due to this complexity, we agreed to dedicate three episodes to cover it. Welcome to Understanding Trafficking Part 2! During this episode, we speak with Dr. Casey Branchini Risko, an expert on internationalContinue reading “Episode 18 – Understanding Trafficking: Part 2”

Episode 17 – Understanding Trafficking: Part 1

Human trafficking has moved into the public consciousness as a serious offense both domestically and internationally. Over the course of the next three episodes of Beyond Fear, we will cover trafficking from the perspective of researchers and a survivor.  Human trafficking, including sex trafficking, is a multi-billion-dollar industry that impacts an estimated 24.9 million peopleContinue reading “Episode 17 – Understanding Trafficking: Part 1”

Episode 16 – Understanding Sex Work

The topic of sex work can illicit strong stereotypes, incorrect assumptions, and ill-advised suggestions on how this issue should or should not be addressed by the criminal legal system and society in general. Regardless of what comes to mind, people who engage in sex work frequently face dehumanizing treatment simply based on what they doContinue reading “Episode 16 – Understanding Sex Work”