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Episode 12: Building a Better Life Beyond Fear: The Sex Crimes Podcast

In Episode 12 of Beyond Fear, we interview David Prescott, an internationally known expert on treatment for those who sexually offend.A mental health practitioner of 36 years, David Prescott is the Editor of Safer Society Press. He is the author and editor of 20 books in the areas of understanding and improving services to at-risk clients. He is best known for his work in the areas of understanding, assessing, and treating sexual violence and trauma. Mr. Prescott is the recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Contribution Award from the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers and the 2018 recipient of the National Adolescent Perpetration Network’s C. Henry Kempe Lifetime Achievement Award. Mr. Prescott currently trains and lectures around the world.In this episode, we talked about everything from the history of treatment, to the need for trauma informed practice, to the use of person-first language.David recently co-authored a book Trauma-Informed Care: Transforming Treatment for People Who Have Sexually Abused.In the episode, we talked about a recent blog post on person first language that you can find here.For a transcript of this episode, click here.For a direct download of this episode, click here.
  1. Episode 12: Building a Better Life
  2. Episode 11: "Do Women Do Those Things?!"
  3. Episode 10: Once You See, You Can't Unsee
  4. Episode 9: Why Should I Care?!
  5. Episode 8: The Deliberate Shift

Do Women Do Those Things?!

The image that comes to mind when we think about a person who commits a sexual offense is more often than not, male. While it is true that the vast majority of sexual harm around the world is committed by men, women can – and do – commit sex crimes. In this episode of BeyondContinue reading “Do Women Do Those Things?!”

Once You See, You Can’t Unsee

In Episode 9, we covered the basis for sexual offense policies and the evolution of this legislation, including the public registry and residence restrictions. In our work, we often discuss the “collateral consequences” of these laws from an academic perspective. However, we felt it was important to give a voice to people who are livingContinue reading “Once You See, You Can’t Unsee”

Why Should I Care?

In Episode 9, “Why Should I Care?!”, Alexa interviews Dr. Alissa Ackerman about sex crimes policies in the U.S. Alissa is widely considered an expert on sex crimes policy and much of her research has examined the efficacy of the sex offense registry, residence restrictions, and community notification. Notably, her research, and that of mostContinue reading “Why Should I Care?”

Episode 8 – The Deliberate Shift

Research shows that, like people who commit other crimes, those who sexually offend also desist from offending. This is both hard to hear and important to acknowledge. In Episode 8 of Beyond Fear, we made the deliberate decision to pivot from conversations about survivor experiences to a focus on the experience of individuals who haveContinue reading “Episode 8 – The Deliberate Shift”

“The Second Rape”

The Beyond Fear Podcast is one continuous story, where episodes build from one to the next with the ability to reach back to previous episodes when necessary. Yet, when we started writing the story in episode 1, we didn’t fully recognize the impact that telling the story would have on us. Recording Episode 7 wasContinue reading ““The Second Rape””

How Hasn’t it Affected Me?

In “How Hasn’t It Affected Me?” Alexa and Alissa have a candid, unscripted, and vulnerable conversation with Monishia “Moe” Miller and Guy Hamilton-Smith. We each talk about the ways that sexual violence has impacted our lives. As with all episodes of this podcast, we want to warn our listeners that this can be difficult toContinue reading “How Hasn’t it Affected Me?”

The Weaponization of Sexual Violence

In episode 5 of Beyond Fear: The Sex Crimes Podcast, Alexa and Alissa interview Dr. Nicole Fox, an assistant professor in the Criminal Justice Division at CSUS whose current research focuses on how post-genocide communities remember violence through the creation of national collective memories embodied in memorials and monuments. In “The Weaponization of Sexual Violence”Continue reading “The Weaponization of Sexual Violence”

The Many Reasons Why

In Episode 4: The Many Reasons Why, Alexa and Alissa breakdown some of the various reasons why people commit acts of child sexual abuse and rape. It might come as a surprise, but there is not one reason why these kinds of offenses happen. In order to prevent future sex crimes from happening and toContinue reading “The Many Reasons Why”

Episode 3: Understanding Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

In episode 3, Alexa and Alissa interview Dr. Karen Terry about her research on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Karen J. Terry is a Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. She holds a doctorate in Criminology from Cambridge University. Her primary research interest is sexual offending and victimizationContinue reading “Episode 3: Understanding Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church”


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