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Episode 25 – Sexual Harm in Religious Spaces

This episode of Beyond Fear is truly groundbreaking. We welcomed four esteemed guests – Nadiah Mohajir, MPH, Dr. Maryyum Mehmood, Dr. Guila Benchimol, and the Rev. Dr. Danielle Tumminio Hansen –  to lead a discussion about sexual harm that occurs across different religions including Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. You may remember that we spoke toContinue reading “Episode 25 – Sexual Harm in Religious Spaces”

Episode 23 – Broken Trust: When Institutions Fail Survivors

Throughout this podcast, we have discussed the ways in which sexual harm impacts survivors psychologically, emotionally, and physically. A less talked about consequence stems from abuse that occurs within the context of institutional environments that are expected to be safe.  In this episode we speak to Dr. Caroline Heldman an expert on the consequences ofContinue reading “Episode 23 – Broken Trust: When Institutions Fail Survivors”

Episode 22 – Invisible Victims: Black Survivors of Sexual Harm

In our last episode, Who is the Ideal Victim?  we spoke with Dr. Danielle Slakoff about media depictions of survivors of interpersonal and sexual harm. Specifically, we unpacked the way that race influences media narratives about who qualifies as a “real victim” worthy of help and sympathy. Black and Latina victims are frequently portrayed asContinue reading “Episode 22 – Invisible Victims: Black Survivors of Sexual Harm”

Episode 21 – Who is the ‘Ideal Victim’?

Throughout season 1, we have discussed how society, often times through the media, blames survivors of sexual violence. Frequently, media portrayals impact trial outcomes, a survivor’s willingness to report, and more. In this episode, we speak to Dr. Danielle Slakoff, a professor and prominent researcher that studies the ways in which the media inaccurately portraysContinue reading “Episode 21 – Who is the ‘Ideal Victim’?”

Episode 20 – Child Sexual Abuse Material: One Click Away

Child sexual abuse material (CSAM), previously known as child pornography, can be a confronting and uncomfortable topic. CSAM can refer to the possession, viewing, sharing, and creation of images or videos that involve the visual depiction of children involved in a sex act. Although CSAM was almost completely eradicated in the 1980s, the dawn ofContinue reading “Episode 20 – Child Sexual Abuse Material: One Click Away”

Episode 18 – Understanding Trafficking: Part 2

Human trafficking is an incredibly complex issue that includes several different important topics we felt should be covered during our second season. Due to this complexity, we agreed to dedicate three episodes to cover it. Welcome to Understanding Trafficking Part 2! During this episode, we speak with Dr. Casey Branchini Risko, an expert on internationalContinue reading “Episode 18 – Understanding Trafficking: Part 2”

Episode 17 – Understanding Trafficking: Part 1

Human trafficking has moved into the public consciousness as a serious offense both domestically and internationally. Over the course of the next three episodes of Beyond Fear, we will cover trafficking from the perspective of researchers and a survivor.  Human trafficking, including sex trafficking, is a multi-billion-dollar industry that impacts an estimated 24.9 million peopleContinue reading “Episode 17 – Understanding Trafficking: Part 1”


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